About Us

We have always been of the belief that it is our responsibility to give back to the society.

About Us

As a company, we have long embraced the belief that it is our duty to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Siddharth Salunkhe is a distinguished professional who earned his MSC in Marketing Management from London. With an unwavering commitment to his goals and a powerful vision, he embarked on a journey with the Uniserve Group. 

As a second-generation entrepreneur, Siddharth joined the family business in a mid-management role and honed his skills before being entrusted with the leadership of the company. 

Within a short span of time, Siddharth’s exceptional talents and acumen propelled him to the position of CEO of the Uniserve Group, a testament to his remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Uniserve boasts a proven track record of sustained growth, built upon a foundation of architectural and engineering excellence which is clearly evident in our magnificent creations. We are proud to be at the forefront of the real estate industry in India, having delivered innovative and high-tech structures that have transformed countless lives.

At Uniserve, we are committed to upholding ethical business practices and fulfilling our social responsibilities towards the betterment of society. We approach every aspect of our work with an entrepreneurial mindset and a focus on teamwork and innovation, always guided by the principles of integrity. We prioritise long-term decision-making to ensure that our developments are of lasting value to the community.

Key People

At Uniserve Group, we firmly believe that people are the cornerstone of any high-performing organisation. As such, we are proud to introduce you to the key decision-makers of our company:
Armed with an MSC in Marketing Management from London, Siddharth Salunkhe embarked on a journey of visionary entrepreneurship when he joined the Uniserve Group. As a second-generation entrepreneur, Siddharth began his tenure in the family business at a mid-management level, where he honed his skills and demonstrated his abilities before being entrusted with the reins of the business. It was not long before Siddharth's exceptional leadership abilities and business acumen led to his promotion to the position of CEO at Uniserve Group. His unwavering dedication to the company's mission and values have been instrumental in driving its continued growth and success. We are proud to have Siddharth at the helm of our organisation.

Viraj Kohli

Director (iLHOK Solutions)
Meet Viraj Kohli, the visionary CEO of the Uviraj Group, a trailblazer in the manufacturing of PPE and safety products in India. Under his leadership, Uviraj has not only solidified its position as an industry leader but has also ventured into innovative solutions to meet global demands. The genesis of iLHOK, Uviraj's buying house, can be traced back to Viraj's commitment to transparency and client-centric business practices. When clients from the USA and Australia approached Uviraj with a need for safety products not currently manufactured in-house, Viraj took an unconventional route. Instead of expanding Uviraj's manufacturing capabilities, he proposed connecting the clients directly with trusted manufacturers.